OECD.Stat is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s statistical data warehouse. It provide a single access point for statistical data and metadata across the Organisation. Validated statistical data and metadata are replicated from the various directorates’ “production” databases into OECD.Stat. The data warehouse approach preserves the decentralised nature of directorates’ statistical activities, while makeing their data part of a coherent OECD-wide corporate system.

The data warehouse provides: 

  • a single, common mechanism for rapid data location and extraction 
  • a centralised system for access rights management 
  • the means for data providers to decide what data should be share with other users 
  • separation of the production & dissemination environments for improved 
  • performance and data integrity 
  • the means to enable access for non-OECD users (via the internet) 
  • a single repository with which analytical tools and publication processescan be integrated publications, including premier trade and business journals, leading industry newsletters, plus a broad collection of regional, national and international newspapers.

Keywords: Statistics, Economics; Macroeconomics; Finance.

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