The Holocaust Theater Catalog is a component of the National Jewish Theater Foundation/Holocaust Theater International Initiative at the University of Miami, Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies. Its Holocaust Theater Research goal is to fill an existing void in Holocaust awareness by providing a critically needed entryway to the intersection of theater arts, education and Holocaust scholarship. The selected theater works from 1933 to the present are included regardless of production history, publishing status, language or judgment as to artistic merit. Over 850 plays are represented by title, author, synopsis and other relevant entries including, whenever possible, information that will direct the user to resources that provide access to the complete theatrical work. Through the unique power of theater and the use of technology, this international initiative strives to bring together diverse communities to engage on issues pertaining to the Holocaust at a critical time when our first and immediate connection to these atrocities, the living survivor, is quickly disappearing.


התקופה הנאצית והשואה
National Jewish Theater Foundation
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